A bag as unique as your fingerprint

Shaleeka ID exists to celebrate your individuality. Our mission is to create handbags that transcend trends and become timeless pieces of art. We create personalized handbags inspired by your fingerprint, meticulously crafted by skilled artists. Each bag is a masterpiece that reflects your essence, setting you apart from the crowd.

A bag that is uniquely yours!

Discover the ultimate expression of individuality with our handcrafted made-to-order handbags. Each bag is a unique masterpiece, created by talented artists who infuse your personal touch into every stitch. Our artists meticulously capture your fingerprint, turning it into a stunning texture on the bag's surface. Carry your identity with pride and showcase your distinctive style with our one-of-a-kind handbags.

The Goddess Collection
Our Creations

Our new Goddess collection, a manifestation of divine inspiration brought to life in three distinct styles; The Veera Tote, The Venus Clutch and The Luna Pouch

Art that you wear, for a lifetime
Quaity Promise

We're on a mission to empower our buyers by crafting unique handbags in the heart of New York City. With meticulous artistry and premium materials, each fingerprint bag embodies enduring elegance, reflecting your individuality with pride.


Our sustainability promise