Shaleeka has always had a passion for art and began exploring fingerprints and the energy they inspire over a decade ago. She enjoys the empowering quality they hold and is always striving to find ways to portray their relatability in her artwork. Rare and personal, each fingerprint is as unique as the person who has it, making it the perfect way to explore and represent personality and individualism. The canvas masterpieces originally created received high accolades and drew a large appreciation from collectors and colleagues, inspiring a new path for the prints.


THE idea of a line of fingerprint handbags was born one day when Shaleeka was in the studio with a fashion designer friend. Hesitant, but ready to broaden her horizons, She took her time conceptualizing brand and image, placing high importance on the personality and individuality of each piece. Fingerprints hold an incredible amount of power in them, and Shaleeka wanted to be sure her new art would accurately and boldly reflect that. After carefully planning the products and how best to preserve them for everyday use, Shaleeka took the plunge into the fashion world and with the help of her incredible team, she announced SHALEEKA ID, a line of bold and distinctive fingerprint handbags.

SHALEEKA ID brand merges daring artistic freedom with fashion to create an entirely new form of portable luxury. Using the highest quality materials each bag is handcrafted in New York, from the textures created in the studio through the artisans who perfect each piece and certify craftsmanship. Each bag features its own personality and beauty as Shaleeka brings to life a new movement empowering and encouraging individuality.


OUR mission is to create a true experience for our buyers that will leave them feeling empowered and help them to embrace and display their individuality. Using the highest quality materials each bag is designed & handcrafted in New York by artist and her team. Envisioning the beauty of your bag, its durability and style; our team works hard to ensure these characteristics are met and that you take pride in owning your fingerprint bag.