Fingerprint Bag

With over a decade of experience as an artist, Shaleeka believes true luxury is handmade, not manufactured. Each one of our bags is handcrafted in artist’s studio using the highest quality paint and mediums, and special tools to meticulously craft the textures. We specially treat each finished piece to protect it from discoloration and water, and we guarantee the longevity and beauty of each bag. Your Shaleeka.id purchase will last you a lifetime.

Whether you select our minimalist Luna Pouch or go full scale with our Veera tote (Coming Soon), you will be receiving a distinctive masterpiece. During creation of your bag, we focus on art and bringing the personality and individualism out in the fingerprint design, and also place an emphasis on the durability and high fashion appeal of the piece. The opportunity to see a fingerprint transform from a paper print to its completed form on a bag, so alive and full of vibrance, keeps us passionate about the work and design. We meticulously transfer the print onto the canvas in a way that boldly highlights the lines and is sure to inspire and empower you each time you carry the bag. Using multiple layers of color in the fingerprint brings out the unique design and individuality. The final step of the process is the application of protective gels, varnishes, and other mediums to preserve the texture and colors, and guarantee longevity.

Shaleeka.id bags bring together a level of art and design you won’t find anywhere else. We have redefined portable luxury and guarantee you will receive a bag as unique as you are. Nothing will be as Uniquely Yours.